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Installing a Backup Generator

Generac Home Generator Installation

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Installing a Backup Generator

In the wake of recent natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy, there is heightened interest in installing a generator for backup power.  The following information recently published via Angie’s List, provides some guidance for the Southern Delaware beach resort areas:

“When we moved to the beach in Southern Delaware, we had lots of “future improvements” in our new-construction building plan. Living close to the coast, a generator made the top of the list. In the wake of Sandy, we’re so grateful we had the forethought. No one wants to show up at the home improvement center just as a hurricane is approaching, having to scramble for one of the 60 generators delivered that afternoon. There’s a balance to strike between electrical load and generator wattage, and it’s best not figured out on the fly. If you think you might want to run your house (or a portion of it) on a generator, take some time to do some planning first.”  Read More

Kane Electric can assist with your project to install a home power backup including:

  • Performing Load Calculations
  • Selecting the Right Generator According to Your Needs
  • Installing the Generator Including a Transfer Switch

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