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How to Choose an Electrician

How to Choose an Electrician

Selecting the right contractor for the job at hand depends on two factors:

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Official logo of the National Electrical Contractors Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • The job specifications
  • The contractor’s specialty and qualifications

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) provides the following guidance:

  “Selecting a qualified electrical contractor for your home or business can be challenging. It’s a little like taking your car into a car dealer or going to the doctor. You know something is wrong, but you lack the expertise to diagnose the problem yourself – and you are at the mercy of the supposed expert. You also might have difficulty describing your problem completely, or be confused by the jargon used by the professionals. We can’t help you with the auto mechanic or the doctor, but NECA would like to take a little of the mystery out of selecting and dealing with electrical contractors.

 Most electrical contractors are specialists to one degree or another, so it helps to identify your particular need before you start calling. Is your need for new construction or major renovation? Are you looking for service or repair of existing electrical items? Is the work needed for your home, a small business, or a major facility? Does this need represent an emergency, or are you concerned about a dangerous condition that exists? Does your work include specialized systems, such as fire alarm, security, sound, video, communications, wired or wireless networks? Answering a few of these questions, at least in your own mind, will help you first to select a qualified contractor, and then to describe your electrical needs to the person that you call.

 Once you have defined your specific need, your goals are to find a contractor that is:  technically proficient; reputable and financially stable; and has a thorough understanding of your business.”  Read More Here

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  1. It’s great that you’ve mentioned how one should choose an electrician based on what the client needs, as most electricians are specialists to one degree or another, such as those who work on constructions, experts who install fire alarm or security systems, and others. We need an emergency electrician, as it looks like some of the wires in our company are in a dangerous area and can cause fire or electrocution. I’ll mention this to my supervisor so that the will know which emergency electrician should the work with.

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